Thursday, November 27, 2008

3rd Beneficiary of God's Power Blessings - David

David - A Man Whose Heart Is After God's Own

David was chosen by God to succeed Saul to the throne of Israel. Through the prophet Samuel, David was chosen from among the sons of Jesse to be the anointed of the Lord. David, although still a lad tending the sheep of his family, battled Goliath with just a mere slingshot and a living faith in God. God delivered Goliath to David's hands and from that day on earned the ire of king Saul. Through much persecutions from Saul who pursued David bent on killing him, the Lord stayed at the side of David. And finally, David was crowned as the king of Israel. God loved David because David had a heart after God's own. He remained faithful to God and enjoyed tremendous success and wealth. In the two instances when David sinned to God- when he conducted a census of God's army without God's consent and when he committed the sins of adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of Bathsheba's husband, God forgave him although the consequences of his sins remained. His child with Bathsheba died and his kingdom became divided after his death. David committed to build a temple to God in Jerusalem although it was his son Solomon who undertook the actual construction. David died beloved of the Lord and his people. He remains a monumental figure in the annals of Biblical patriarchs.

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