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6th Beneficiary of God's Power Blessings _ Esther

Queen Esther - The Jewish Jewel of the Persian Empire

Esther is a story of stoic faith in God by a faithful servant who did not shirk her divine responsibility even at the risk of losing her own life. Amidst the backdrop of the mighty Persian empire of the Medes, Esther became queen of the entire empire when the reigning queen found disfavor in the eyes of the king. Esther was chosen from among all the lady candidates of the entire empire for the position of the new queen. She shared this powerful story of the Jewish struggles in Persia after the downfall of the Babylonian empire with her wise uncle- Mordecai. But a wicked prime minister of the king who was bestowed full honors plotted revenge against Mordecai for the latter's failure to pay him homage. His name was Haman. He tricked the king to issue a decree that would annihilate all Jews in the empire. Upon hearing this, Mordecai sought the queen's help to plead the cause of the Jews before the king. Knowing the law that forbids any person from entering the presence of the king unless summoned, Ester agreed and uttered this most famous line, "I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish."

Queen Esther was able to convince the king to repeal the law and Mordecai became the new prime minsiter and the wicked Haman was hanged in his own gallows. The triumph of the Jews over their adversaries is being celebrated up to this day in the feast of Purim in honor of the valiant queen who stood by her people in the face of certain death. God blessed both queen Esther and Mordecai with power and wealth second only to the king of Persia.

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