Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Re-Post From A Filipina Mom in Denmark


OFW nightmare - My Father Story

I always consider myself an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker because both my parents are OFW) even though I a migrant Filipino. Thanks to the new technology it eases the pain of being away from your love ones you can chat see each other through webcamera but NOTHING compares to pain when one is sick or in pain and you can not hug or kiss or just be there comforting each other awaiting the sad news.

My father was supposed to be ok and he actually was fine last Sunday, he wash the dishes but they have to perform another operation because they have to clean somethingthere is a swelling in his brain so he was operated for the second time last Monday but this morning he was bleeding so he was operated again. It looks like the doctors made a mistake .

Right now I feel so much pain that I want to join my mother and 2 brothers and sister in Madrid but I can’t do that right now many things is playing in my mind but I told my mother it’s beyond human hands we all need to pray because what I can remember is that all I asked from our Lord He granted all my prayers
For my blogger friends knew about my father

History I will post some pictures of him.

2006 during our visit in Madrid

2006 during our visit in Madrid


Our first christmas together as a family after 27 years

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

december 2008 with my youngest sister

december 2008 with my youngest sister

ecember 2006 with me


March 2006 My sister and my aunt from DK visited them

At the hospital Decemebr 25, 2008

At the hospital December 25, 2008

I can say that yes working abroad makes our life better and OFW’s are considered the new heroes by sending money to their families. Those remittances helps the economy of the Philippines but it’s also has consequences.

So if I can’t update this blog you know why.

Please Pray for my father’s recovery and our family to be strong in this time of crisis.

Thank you.

Our Guardian Angel Ministers To Our Needs

God's Divine Providence